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Pepcee Packing Machines ( ICE Lolly Pepcee Packing Machines )

Pepcee Packing Machines
Pepcee Packing Machines
A Vertical form fill seal Mechanical intermittent type machine to Pack Soft-drink, Lassi, Liquid Blue.

Model: Single Head -- SM1

Double HeadSM2

Body of machine :
Fabricated in mild steel & Powder coated / Stainless Steel

All parts coming in contact with the product are of stainless steel

Packing material
: Heat seal able LD / LLD Co-Extruded, Food Grade Virgin Film 55-140 mm width & more than 45 micron in thickness

Sealing type : Center seal-Impulse sealing

Filling of material: Solenoid valve controlled by electronics sensor

:- 230 volt, Single Phase

Moter : - 0.25 H.P.Single Phase

Model Filling Pouch Electric Output

Filling Range
Pouch Length
Pouch Width
Electric Power
6 -80 ml
25-180 mm
22-62 mm
230 V Single Ph
40-60 P/Min
6-80 ml
25-180 mm
22-64 mm
230 V Single Ph

Product Range : A perfect machine suitable for Popsicle (Pepsicola), Liquid Blue, Liquid Soaps etc.

Features :

Fully automatic operations.
Filling is controlled through an electronic controller.
Plastic sterilization by Ultra Violet tubes.
Machine stops for No Plastic / No Liquid.
Available in Single Head & Double Head versions..
Available for LDPE Film as well as Laminated Film.
Available in Center Sealing / Side Sealing.