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Powder Packing Machines

Powder Packing Machines
General Information
A vertical form fill and seal machine for producing 3/4 side sealed sachets handling all types of free flowing powders or   granules.
Single reel film laminate stock reel feed. Product dosing by suitable feeding system. Max, Reel dia 400mm on 76m/m   core 1 / dai.
All parts in contact with product are high quality Stainless Steel.
Sealing dies gear operated with complete pressure and temperature control on sachet seal area.
Product Range :

A perfect machine suitable for Coffee, Spices, Soufs, Wheat Flour, Yeast, Desserts, Detergents, Pharmaceutical & Agricultural Powders & all types of Powder.
Weight & Dimension :

FLOOR  AREA     : 680mm x 480 mm
HEIGHT              :  1750 mm
GROSS WT.        :  Approx. 350 Kgs.
Capacity : FROM-0.5 to 20 gms depending on bulk density of the product.
Powder packing machine Features :

A Vertical form fill seal intermittent type Machine is suitable for Wheat Flour, Coffee, Spices, all type of agriculture /chemical powders. The machine operates on the principle of Positive displacement screw operating. The filling cycle is controlled by electronic sensor &clutch-brake system.
Body of machine : Fabricated in mild steel & .Powder Coated/ Stainless Steel
All parts coming in contact with the product are of stainless steel
Packing material : Any heat seal able Laminated / Aluminum Foil / BOPP
Sealing type : Center /side seal-/continuous sealing
Filling of material : Auger filler
Filling Range
Pouch Length
Pouch Width
Electric Power
0-20 gm
30-140 mm
18-90 mm
415V,50Hz 3 Ph
20-100 gm
30-180 mm
30-120 mm
415V,50Hz 3Ph
30-50 p/Min
50-250 gm
30-250 mm
60-160 mm
415V,50Hz 3 Ph
30 P/Min
50-250 gm
100-260 mm
60-220 mm
415 V,50 Hz 3Ph
10-15 P/Min
Salient features :
PLC controlled machine
Can pack all types of free flow & non free flow powders.
Comprehensive push button control panel with cycle counter
Various optional attachment can be provide like Nitrogen flushing, Dust extraction Batch cutting device, hot foil stamping etc.
Features :

A perfect machine designed to give maxmimum output with minimum maintenance having all operations handled with    ease.
For safety all parts that are in contact with filling product manufactured in Stainless Steel.
Accurate sealing die temperature control and fully controllable die pressure.
Cut-off blade for separation of sachet from film web housed in horizontal position for maximum efficiency.
Photocell print registration.
Comprehensive push button control panel with cycle counter.
Frontal safety guard and access doors electricity locked.
Tool Kit and Operators's Manual.
Pack - Data :

MOTOR - 1/2 HP, 220 V single Phase, 50-60 Hz.
Pack widths adjustable from 30mm to 100 mm.
Packs length adjustable from 50mm to 120 mm.
Change parts such as collar, cups gears needed for size change.
3/4 side seals with crimp pattern.
Any heat sealable laminate or film can be used.
Entire lubrication system is centralized.
Electrical's :

MOTOR - 1/2 HP, 220 V single phase, 50-60 Hz.
HEATERS - 300 W * 4 pcs cartridge type.
Temperature Controller.
Output :

FROM- 20 packs per minute TO-70 packs per minute depending on bulk density of the product.
The machine can be fitted with extra options viz, Batch Printer, Conveyor, Product Level Control Dust Extractor, Sachet Batching & Liquid Filler.